Pay Per Click Management

Adwords Certified PartnerAdWords Management is an advertising option for client who wish to advertise using their company’s website, want to advertise more aggressively, or who operate beyond a regional service area. Managed accounts may span multiple products and services or target several different geographic areas; these accounts also have the flexibility to move beyond search advertising into display advertising on the Google Content Network.

AdWords Management accounts are maintained on a daily basis and undergo frequent updates to ensure the most qualified traffic possible to your website. Irrelevant clicks (from customers looking for an unrelated product or service, or who are still early in the buying cycle,) make up a large portion of the spend in many pay-per-click campaigns. We carefully watch the search terms that result in clicks on your ads and create a detailed, customized list of negative keywords that is updated on an ongoing basis to help filter out traffic from searchers who aren’t looking for what you provide. Ad copy is regularly tested for customer response and updated so the best-performing ads are shown to searchers, lowering your cost-per-click and increasing ROI. We can also work with you to set up conversion tracking for customers who click through to your site and help track your return on your advertising spend.

If you already have an AdWords account set up for your company, we can take over management of that account on your behalf, or we can create an entirely new advertising account as well. We also offer free AdWords account audits to assess the performance of your campaign and identify areas where you may be able to improve performance and reduce cost. On average, agency-managed pay-per-click accounts have a 25% lower cost per click than accounts that are managed in-house. (Marketing Sherpa 2009 Search Marketing Benchmark Guide)

If you’re looking to expand your advertising and make the most of your investment, contact BizzSpot today to learn how we can help you drive more business with AdWords Management.


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